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The city of Huaraz is a center for trekking and climbing in the Cordillera Blanca and the Huayhuash. This city is located in one of the most beautiful settings in Peru. This area of Peru has been inhabited for centuries and was home to several civilizations including the Chavin culture.
The Andes is the second highest mountain range in the world. Some of the most impressive mountain peaks lie in the Parque Nacional Huascaran, which is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. The Cordillera Blanca contains many of Peru’s highest mountains. Here you can find Inca ruins, pre-Inca ruins, many lakes and treks and the interesting flora and fauna. In this area there are also 3 other mountain ranges that are accessible from Huaraz. These are the Cordillera Huayhuash, the Cordillera Negra and the Cordillera Raura and offer great hiking opportunities.
Treks through the mountains here, which range from easy to very challenging, offer stunning scenery, with snow-capped peaks surrounded by beautiful lakes and valleys. The climbing, too, is suitable for beginners as well as experienced mountaineers. Also, it is possible to go mountain biking and rafting in this area.
Many beautiful areas are accessible without going trekking, and the turquoise lakes throughout the mountains offer some of the most incredible views anywhere. The mountain range was also home to the first important culture in South America, the Chavín culture. The main center for this culture, Chavín de Huántar, is only a couple of hours from Huaraz, and is one of the most important archaeological sites in Peru.
The most interesting attraction in Huaraz itself is the Museo de Arqueología de Ancash which has an interesting collection of Recuay and Chavín culture artifacts.
There are several small ruins near Huaraz, including the Wari ruins of Huaullac and Wilkahuaín. There are also some thermal baths in the nearby town of Monterrey.
Most travelers to Huaraz come specifically to hike some of the spectacular routes in the area. There are many possibilities for this, and it is a good idea to know your ability level before deciding which trek to take. There are often high passes over 4,000m in this area.
There are many short day hikes in the Huaraz area. The hike from the city of Huaraz to the Monterrey baths is good and not too difficult, as is the walk to the Laguna Llaca. The hike to the Laguna Churup is more challenging, but very beautiful.
The most popular trek in the area is the Llanganuco to Santa Cruz trek, which takes around three to four days. Another popular hike is from Olleros to Chavín, crossing the Cordillera Blanca, again taking around three to four days. A four to five day trek in the Cordillera Huayhuash is also possible.
Longer, more difficult treks include the six to seven day Carhuaz to Santa Cruz trek and the full Huayhuash circuit, taking around 12 days. The beautiful Hualcayán to Pomabamba trek, also taking around 12 days, offers stunning views of the Alpamayo glacier.
There is some excellent climbing in the Huaraz area, suitable for mountaineers of all levels. Probably the easiest ascent in the Cordillera Blanca is Pisco, at 5,752m, which takes around 3 days. More challenging climbs include Huascarán, the highest peak in Peru at 6,768m, which takes about 6 days, and Alpamayo, at 5,947m, which takes around 7 days. Other peaks that can be climbed include Urus (5,495m), Ishinca (5,530m), Ranrapalca (6,162m), Chacraraju (6,112m), Quitaraju (6,036m) and Chopicalqui (6,354m).
Rock climbing is also possible in the area, and there is a rock face near the Monterrey baths just outside of Huaraz. There is also several practice climbing walls in Huaraz.

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