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Manu Biosphere Reserve

The Manu Biosphere Reserve is one of the most pristine areas of rain forest in the Amazon. There are very few human settlements in the park, and there is no hunting or fishing. Tourism is strictly controlled and visitors are only allowed into the park if accompanied by a registered guide and with a registered tour operator. Tours must be organized in advance. It is possible to visit the Manu area without entering the reserved zone, and much good wildlife can still be seen.
Mammals in the park include the spectacled bear, the deer, the puma, the pygmy marmoset, the red howler monkey, the squirrel monkey, the tapir, the collared peccary, the giant otter and the jaguar. Reptiles that can be seen include the white caiman, the black caiman, the anaconda, the boa constrictor, the yellow-spotted side neck turtle and the tortoise.
The area is great for birdwatchers, and the varieties include the harpy eagle, the jabirus, the roseate spoonbill, the Orinoco goose, the cock-of-the-rock, the macaw, the toucan, the king vulture, the tiger-heron and the hoatzin.
Additionally, the park contains some wonderful flora, offering much typical vegetation of the highlands. The cloud forest has trees covered with many varieties of orchids, mosses, lichen and ferns. The rain forest contains trees over 60m tall and 3 meters in diameter, including cedars and mahogany.

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